Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We had a great time photographing one of Mira's best friend pre-wedding. Riwe and Haris once told us that they don't like pre-wedding cliche. You know, like fancy picnic, balloons, fancy dress, make up, and all. We took the photograph at Riwe's favourite place near her house in Bandung, a pine forest on a top of a hill and at some restaurant that served delicious food (they have nice decoration also!). We just tell them to dress and pose like they usually are. Because prewedding session would be at its best if we just let everything comes naturally.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Universe always works in a super mysterious way. We, as a human, never know what the future will bring. Galuh and Diaz were not-so-close-classmate in college. Years passed and they graduated from college. Galuh never thought that one day, Diaz, her friend, will ask her to become his wife. On the other side, Diaz, who apparently had been admiring Galuh since the first time they met, also never thought that Galuh will say yes.

Since they both are also our friend from college, we were so surprised  yet happy when one day Galuh asked us to photograph their pre-wedding photos. Such a fun session, it felt like a little reunion.


All the best for you two!

Barokah Foto.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pityt met Rizki when they were students at Economic Faculty in University of Indonesia. They've been best friends for years and finally decided to get married. Now they're both working as auditor. They are pretty busy with their job so they usually have a date at a cafe, along with laptop, spreadsheet, and audit thingy. And so it became the idea of this session.